Amber Rose Net Worth

Amber Rose Net Worth, Biography, Height, Weight, Family and More

Amber Rose Net Worth: Amber Rose is a well-known celebrity of showbiz. She is involved in multiple roles like acting, modeling, and business. People really like her because she’s confident and beautiful. This 21 October 1983-born Philadelphian girl became famous first as a model.

She started acting later and proved herself as a versatile individual. People often talk about her because she lives a lavish life and is not afraid to speak up about crucial topics. Her brave and charming personality is her unique aspects and cause of her popularity. She is known in one of the richest personalities of the World. Amber Rose has a personality that draws people to her from everywhere. Fans are eager to learn all about her life. In this article, we are going to dive deep into her biography to uncover everything there’s to know about this star.

Amber’s story starts from simple beginnings and leads to where she’s now. one of the most important people in America. All the information is right here. So, get ready for an inside look at the life of this remarkable woman. Let’s know more about Amber Rose and her net worth here in detail.

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Amber Rose Early Life 

Amber Rose Net Worth

Amber Rose belongs to the United States, specifically from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was born on October 21, 1983, and her nationality is American. Amber Rose is a famous American actor known for her work in the entertainment world. Amber’s trip began in Philadelphia, where she started small and worked hard to become a Hollywood actress. She started with small roles in independent films and later caught the eye of big producers.

Throughout the years, Amber has acted in multiple big movies and popular television shows. People all over the world love her for her talent and charm. Besides acting, Amber is also famous for her charity work. She helps numerous causes and inspires youthful women worldwide.

Despite some controversies and media attention on her personal life, she still has many loyal fans. Amber stays busy with various projects in movies and television shows. As of June 26th, 2023, she’s still one of the most famous faces in Hollywood. Fans are agitated to see what she does next.


Amber Rose

Date of Birth

21 October 1983

Birth Place

Philladelphia, US




Wiz Khalifa


United States



Amber Rose Physical Stats

She’s famous for her unique platinum buzz cut, beautiful curves, and stylish outfits. multiple women around the world see her as a fashion role model. People admire her for speaking out about what she believes in, which has earned her respect from suckers worldwide. Amber Rose is beautiful and charming. She is a versatile model with grace and attraction.

Amber Rose’s body measures are 34C-69-Unknown. As an actor in entertainment, her height and weight are important because she models for fashion magazines and acts in movies. It’s crucial to stay in good shape. Amber is 5′ 9″ tall with fair hair and brown eyes. She’s strong and confident. She wants other ladies to have positive self-esteem as well.




1.7 m

Eye Color

Wear Blue Contact lenses

Hair Color

Dyed Blonde

Amber Rose Net Worth and Earnings

Amber Rose Net Worth

Amber Rose’s net worth is $12 million. She’s a former model and television personality who has earned this impressive sum. At 39 years old, Amber became famous as a model in music videos. latterly, she moved into hosting television shows. She indeed had her own talk show called “The Amber Rose Show,” which aired for two seasons on VH1.

Amber has also acted in movies like “Sister Code” and “Zoolander 2.” Besides her work in entertainment, she has her own brand of sunglasses and beauty products. Beyond her career, Amber is known for supporting body positivity and women’s rights. She often talks about these issues and encourages self-love. With such a successful career lasting over a decade, it’s no wonder her net worth keeps growing which she is earning from multiple sources of income like acting, modeling and shows.

Amber Rose Career and Achievements

Apart from modeling, Amber also started acting, appearing in different movies and TV shows. Her particular life, especially her relationships, has been in the spotlight too. He got the limelight for her remarkable work in showbiz and other shows. Her annual income and net worth is increasing every year. She also worked in movies and got appreciation.

She was married to rapper Wiz Khalifa and they have a son named Sebastian together. Now, she’s dating Vice President AE. Amber continues to impress people with her beauty and boldness, whether she’s on-screen or out. With a growing number of fans who want to know everything about her life, it’s clear that Amber Rose is not just a pretty face. she’s an important level in entertainment.


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